About Us


We see beautiful jewellery every day, we can’t argue that it’s out there for people to buy.  Katie Belle's vision was bigger than just beautiful jewellery.  We wanted to create not only a desirable British jewellery brand with exclusive designs that allow our customer to express their individuality, but a brand that’s also synonymous for quality, attention to detail and most importantly, accessible.  A brand that is desirable AND affordable.  A brand that can be easily accessed when needed, whether it be as a gift to yourself or someone special.  A brand that makes no compromises.  We want the Katie Belle customer to love our jewellery and our brand as much as we do.

First and foremost, our passion and love for product lies at the heart of everything we do, but we found that by using our many years industry experience, combined with building and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers, we were able to achieve fantastic price points on our jewellery that would in turn make them affordable for our customers without compromising on quality.  This allows us to pour our love and passion into doing something every day that our customers can enjoy too!



All of our ranges are designed in our little studio in Birmingham, the heart of the UK and home to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. 

All of our jewellery is made from solid sterling silver, but recognising the growing demand for gold jewellery we made the decision to also offer gold and rose gold vermeil.  Vermeil is a high quality plating that enables our customer to get the same look of gold or rose gold, with a high quality finish, but without the high price tag of solid gold.

With layering necklaces and stacking bracelets being a big and growing trend, we wanted to design our jewellery in such a way that our customers can layer and stack easily to allow them to create their own, individual look.  With this in mind, we have designed all of our bracelets with a sliding toggle so that they can be adjusted to sit comfortably against the wrist, allowing for a second, third and even fourth bracelet to be stylishly stacked against it.  Wherever possible, we have also incorporated a sliding mechanism onto the back of our necklaces so that they can be adjusted to the desired length, again allowing the ability for them to be either worn alone or layered in multiples. 

With jewellery being the perfect item to offer as a lasting and meaningful gift, we wanted to offer the opportunity for our product to be personalised.  As a result, we designed a range of products that can be engraved with a name, message or date of your choice.  We also offer an easy to use, complimentary engraving service with all products purchased on-line.

Many of our pieces contain gemstones.  We felt these were an important addition to our range, because like you, each individual piece is truly unique.  We love that no two gemstones are ever the same.  The manufacturing process of our gemstones adds to their individuality, with each and every piece being hand cut and faceted by highly skilled craftsmen. They are also symbolic, with each gemstone representing different qualities, such as strength, calmness and perseverance, as well as many others.

For us, this is the start of an exciting new journey, one that we’d love to share with you.  If you’re interested in following our progress and news, you can follow us on Instagram @katiebellejewellery and sign up to the mailing list on our website.