Caring for your jewellery

Looking After Your Jewellery

All Katie Belle jewellery is either sterling silver or 18 carat gold vermeil plated on sterling silver.  To keep your Katie Belle Jewellery looking beautiful we advise you follow the care instructions below:

  • When not being worn, we recommend that you store your jewellery in the box that it came in, or the jewellery pouch provided with your product. Ensure necklaces and bracelets are fastened to minimise risk of tangling or scratching.
  • Remove your jewellery before showering, bathing and always before swimming in chlorinated water or the sea.
  • We advise keeping your jewellery out of direct sunlight & avoiding exposure to humidity and extreme conditions.
  • Minimise contact with water, body lotions, perfumes, sun lotions and cleaning products as these may lead to tarnishing over time.

How to clean your jewellery

Precious metals

  • To keep your jewellery sparkling, we advise using a jewellery polishing cloth to gently rub your jewellery and remove any build up of dirt.


  • Gemstones can be delicate and exposure to hot water, chemicals and direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • We advise using a soft, damp cloth to clean your gemstones after wearing.

How to prevent tarnish

  • Sterling silver will naturally oxidise over time and tarnish. By storing your sterling silver products in an airtight box or bag it should minimise this oxidisation process.
  • To remove tarnish, gently scrub your jewellery with a soft brush in diluted soapy water. Dry thoroughly then buff with a jewellery polishing cloth.


  • All of our jewellery comes with a 12 month warranty provided you have proof of purchase. Depending on the problem we will either repair or replace your item of jewellery. Please note that for the warranty to be valid you will have to return your faulty item to us in full, to enable us to either repair or issue a replacement product.
  • The warranty covers any manufacturing defects. It does not cover wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage. It also does not cover any product that is lost or stolen.

 Please contact us with any warranty claims/questions at

If you have any further questions about caring for your jewellery, then please do not hesitate to contact us at